Safeguarding your data and privacy is at the core of our operations

We handle AI security so you can focus on your revenue.

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Security best practices

Security is our top priority at AgentScale. Our team adheres to a standardized controls framework. We mitigate risks with threat detection, secure software development, and robust operational procedures.

Data storage policy

AgentScale only retains data during workflow executions, deleting all data once the process ends. For instance, it might access data from a leads list, process it, and export without keeping the original data.

No training on your data

We never retain inputs or outputs unnecessarily. We do not use data processed during workflow runs for training as we know it is private and sensitive. Our commitment to your data protection is unwavering.

Compliance & record

AgentScale is in the process of SOC2 certification and has engineered its agent to distinctly separate logic from data processing.

Secure encryption

We ensure your data's security by encrypting it during transmission and at rest. We use AES-256 encryption for data at rest and TLS for data in transit.

Choose where to store your data

Select from data centers in the US, EU, or AU, with options for single-tenant or private cloud configurations.

Manage and oversee AI coworkers from a single secure platform

We handle AI security so you can focus on your revenue.
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