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"AgentScale addresses a common challenge faced by many in sales every day. It also empowers me to confidently use specific messaging tactics I wasn't confident with"

Stanley S.

AE at Figma

"AgentScale did in 10 minutes what my team would have done in 10 hours. The AI quickly wrote emails for our Ideal Customer Profile, all with the right tone and voice."

Melvin P


"I'm on track to turn a good year into a great one. All thanks to AgentScale. Does all my admin work and lets me focus on client relationships. Love it."

Shyn F.

Founder of Pulse PR
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will AI co-workers replace me?

No, it won't. We want you to delegate tedious prospecting tasks to your AI co-worker. It should feel like hiring an outsourced lead generation agency, but at a fraction of the cost.

This frees up your time to do what people do best: call, persuade, and close deals.

What AI model does AgentScale AI use?

AgentScale has finetuned GPT-4 using the workflows and best practices of elite sales professionals. Our model is the first top 1% AI specialist in prospecting that understands the nuances of qualifying, researching, and messaging leads. It self-improves with each run and is constantly retrained.

Is AgentScale a lot better than ChatGPT?

Yes! ChatGPT is a general tool that lacks a deep understanding of cold outreach best practices. AgentScale solved this by training GPT on a proprietary dataset of sales workflows.

Additionally, AgentScale develops a knowledge base containing information about your business and personal style. No more headaches from starting from scratch!

Can AI co-workers answer all qualifying questions about my prospect?

Yes, AgentScale utilizes a mixture of just-in-time web scraping (e.g. websites and Google Search), API integrations with data sources (e.g BuiltWith and Crunchbase), and a browser agent for niche information (e.g. social media and forums like Reddit).

Our tireless AI co-workers replicate all the actions a top 1% sales expert would do to save you the effort of manual Googling.

How easy is it to use?

Simply have a conversation with Layla, your AI co-worker. All onboarding is completed within a 5-minute chat. We care about making AI easy to use so that everyone can benefit from it, while ensuring it is reliable right out of the box.

Do I need to enter my card details?

No. Hire Layla for free to try it out.  

How do credits work? 

Credits are deducted based on the number and complexity of steps taken. On average, 2 credits are required for every personalised message we write. You can add on as many as you need after signing up. Credits refresh monthly or annually.

The first top 1% AI co-worker for prospecting

Our users trust us, and you will too.

Think ChatGPT but built just for prospecting. Game changer that frees up my time.

Kareem A.

CEO / Brew Media

Hands down best thing that happened to me as a new joiner to a sales career.

Matt. M

SDR / Salesforce

Helped me book more meetings than I've ever done with 10x less effort.

Hynek F.

Head Of Communication

Amazing what AI can do. Gets me real time and accurate insights instantly.

Puneeth D.

CEO of Lead Gen Agency

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