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Researches and qualifies leads like a top SDR on autopilot.
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Introducing Layla:
AI Co-worker for Prospecting

Layla is our AI co-worker for prospecting that does manual and repetitive lead generation
workflows on your behalf like a top 1% SDR.

Describe your prospecting goal in plain English to start finding target companies

Layla removes the need for tedious trial & error in creating search queries that identifies your ICP

Uses LinkedIn & Google on full autopilot to enrich & qualify prospects

Reduces effort linked with finding correct decision-makers, enriching and scoring prospects based on a rubric

Writes hyper personalised pitches with a friendly human touch 

Layla uses in-depth company and decision-maker research to craft the pitch that maximizes conversion rates

Powerful LLM powered features built for prospecting

Search Query Optimisation

Uses datasets of industry-standard keywords. Emulates best practices for Boolean search strings

Enrichment Of Target Companies

Gain a competitive advantage on deals by uncovering hidden insights on your prospect

AI-powered Filtering & Qualifying  

Leverages reasoning of top top 1% SDR to draw conclusions and writes detailed justifications

Hyper-personalized Prospect Outreach

Tailors to target company pain points. Researches decision makers to build rapport
Case Study

GTM Sales In US Based Tech Startup

The startup needed to find and qualify prospects at scale according their specific ICP to win deals against 20+ competitors.
Time saved by reps
Sales pipeline
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We were getting limited gains from our previous prospecting tools. Moving to AgentScale was a lightbulb moment for us because we finally got access to a tool that finds & qualifies prospects end-to-end on autopilot.

Harry Chiang

Free up time to do what you do best – calling & closing

> 80% of prospects accepted by reps
4.8/5 Satisfaction Rating
20 hours Saved Weekly
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